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I am a very experienced hunter, and a licensed outfitter and guide. My wife, Terri, and I own and operate White Bird Summit Lodge and Whitebird  Summit Adventures in Idaho. We are fortunate to have hunted and fished most continents. We have over 160 mounts from around the world on display in our lodge. For the past 16 years we have guided backcountry horseback hunts for elk, deer, moose, cougar, bears and wolves. We recently sold our outfitting business. We have been working together as a team for 37 years, and now offer our services and experiences to other outfitters and people like you.

I chose the handle “Straight Shootin’ with Frank” because I believe in telling the truth. Shooting straight is the most important thing when not cause undo suffering to the animal. Straight shootin’ is also straight talk…building trust, companionship, loyalty, friendship and family.

Wisconsin White Tail
Wisconsin White Tail

I stand up for and endorse what I believe in. Yet, I am open-minded enough to accept other viewpoints and change my opinion if proven wrong. I conditionally defend what I believe is right and say the brutal truth rather than lie. Some people believe you should, “Tell people what they want to hear.” Not getting that here! Those that know me know this, and to all the people who find me, please respect my opinion if you cannot embrace or endorse it. I want to hear from you and expand our combined knowledge. Together we can grow and perhaps accept different beliefs. Understand this, if you love animals, nobody loves animals more than a hunter.

I have posted interesting and controversial stories that I have authored on this site. They cover great hunts, ethics, beliefs and more. I trust reading my stories will not only be eye-opening, but will challenge your thoughts and expand your vision.

In the end we are all the same. We are on this planet for a very brief time and need to try to put our human weakness of greed and hatred behind us…accepting realities and doing the best for each other and all the animals that surround us!jenkins elk 2009 106

Contact me for my opinion on your questions, or send me your thoughts. For all that know me, please post a testimonial on this site. (Located on the left hand side of this page.) Your stories and pictures would be great. Any reflection of your experience with me as a client, employee or friend is appreciated . Endorsements and criticism are both welcome as I want this site to be an open book were everybody can learn and grow, including myself.

Follow me for more adventures and great tales. Hopefully our paths will cross many times and we will get to sit by the evening fire with a sundowner, sharing stories of a great day afield!

I am humbled by the testimonial’s some of you have already posted.

Thank You!



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